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Product Range from Credo :
Nail nipper, stainless steel
Tweezers, lopsider, satin finish
Sapphire Nail file
Emery nail files
Chisel Stainless
Nail clipper, satin finish
Excavator, stainless steel
Ceramic nail file
Double instrument, stainless steel
Cross cut corn cutter
Nail clipper, satin finish
Round callus rasp
Cuticle trimmer
Ceramic callus rasp
Nail file
Corn cutter blades
Nipper buffer spring 12 cm
Original Credo Corn-EX
Cuticle scissors, satin finish
Corn cutter with cilp on rasp
Cuticle trimmer, stainless steel
Tweezers, pointed, satin finish
Sapphire nail file
Flat callus rasp
Cuticle scissor, satin finish
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