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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

            I take this opportunity to thank you for giving me the chance to make this presentation. Before I get into the details of my presentation, I feel it is necessary to give you a brief profile about myself.

            To begin with, I head Ramar International Inc. and I am its President. I currently hold the post of Secretary for the National Hair Dressers and Beauticians Association and am also the founder member of the South Indian Beauticians and Hair Dressers Association. I have had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Blossom Kochhar, the World famous Aromatheraphist. I am sure many of you know of Mrs. Kochhar, still for those who do not, Mrs. Kochhar is the founder of Pivot Point - India and Pivot Point - Chennai, which a franchise of Pivot Point, Chicago. Most successful hair and beauty personalities in India have used the training, grooming or success philosophy at some point in the career and her research on aromatheraphy is organised worldwide.

My profile runs like this.

            I am a Civil Engineer and had the opportunity to live in various countries. When I was in Florida, I decided to venture into the beauty industry and established Ramar International Inc. Since our inception in September 1996, we have been expanding and now we plan to open beauty parlours all over Chennai with a conceptually fresh and modern approach to or otherwise conventional school of thought.

            Is our main interest is our equipment dealership and currently we have been supplying beauty equipments to various locations around India. In addition to equipment our technical support crew provides periodical maintenance and service backup. In this present scenario, we have the infrastructure to open up beauty parlours with the innovative, and hygienic equipments in a customer friendly, cost effective atmosphere.

            As the President will look after the IT Task Force and the aspects of e-commerce and policies of B2B, B2C portals for the supply and distribution of beauty equipments. There will be IT Technical Support Personnel to help the President out in enabling himself his duties and responsibilities to the best of his efforts. There will be two Vice President. One would be a Senior Vice President and another Vice President. The Senior Vice President will look after finance, import and export formalities and procurement of materials. The Senior Vice President will be briefed about the Purchase Orders by two Purchase Officers. It is the responsibility of the Department of Procurement to look after the Freight Forwarding, Freight Clearing, Customs Clearing and Transporting.

            The other Vice President will be responsible for the Marketing and Administration of the company. There will be Marketing Officers, PRO's, Managers, Clerical Staff, and Administrators, who would directly report to the Vice President. Our organisation will focus not only on marketing but also in delivering services to ensure complete customer satisfaction. This is the reason why I have designated two Vice Presidents who would be acting as two arms of the organisation. To supervise the proper functioning and role of the Senior Vice President and Junior Vice President entrust the IT technical support people to incorporate the technicalities of information technology to bring out the best results in the coming digital era.

            Because we have been distributing beauty parlour equipments and our products are of high quality and used by most of the prominent beauty parlours in and around India. We were able to secure contracts with most reputed beauty parlours for their set-ups and expansion clientele, Lakme Lever, who would be setting up 200 parlours all over India under our guidance. We have not only the Indian clients but also overseas, as our reputation is renowned worldwide. We are associated with Ceriotti (Italy), Kaikong (Singapore), Salon Ambience (Singapore), Tessiltaglio (Italy). So, we covered the South Asian and the European market and we found our establishment in Florida.

            In India, we are planning to take our organisation to all the four metros and also we have done a study of approximate number of beauty parlours and salons in India. Delhi has 5,500 beauty parlours, Mumbai has 5,000 beauty parlours, Calcutta has 3,000 beauty parlours, Chennai has 4,500 beauty parlours and other cities have 7,350 beauty parlours. Inspite of India being the most largest populated country in the world but the number of beauty parlours run to 25,350, why is it so? Is it because of the lack of technical expertise or is it because the culture to visit the beauty parlour before you goes for a party or a family get-together is not followed as a custom or a social norm? From the study, we realise that the lack of beauty parlours was due to the fact of non-availability of good branded commodity, spurious brands. Yet the market and the customers are scared to use, as ayurvedic and home made cosmetics were readily available.

            With a breaking of the joint family system and shortage of time to manufacture the beauty creams and with the liberalisation policy because customers are aware about good brands and reputation. In the present scenario, it is not difficult for us to push our products with the Internet penetration high in India in comparison to develop country like UK. I find many among you interested to present yourself more attractive and you all would be in cultivating a habit to visit the beauty parlours at least once in a month. The concept of visiting beauty parlours only when you are getting married or you are the person of attraction in a gathering has become outdated. Everybody wants to look good, feel good and beauticians have come out with new styles to suit each and every occasion. How is it possible unless and until we have good branded commodities for this booming industry to flourish.

            In the Indian market, we would not only market products for the Indian customers but also foreign brands at a concessional, competitive, affordable to the Indian public. There are both Indian brands and foreign brands currently into the Indian market. Indian brands are very low on cost and brand equity whereas Singapore brands are next in this forecast whereas a major share of the market followed by Italian brands. German brands are very expensive.

            We are having well-established contacts base of salon owners of salons all over India. We have a good technical support network and currently we are holding a contract for setting up 200 parlours for Hindustan Lever group.


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